Three steps to solve this puzzle.:

1. Find the missing letters.
2. Unscramble them to fill in the blanks.
3. Answer the question: How can Whitney do this?

Let’s get creative. It’s all about the subtle details.


After you solved the puzzle – Any other ideas or questions for Whitney? She’s got a few new things at her disposal to use: The table, an old chain and handcuff, a broken bench leg, the mystery box, and of course the usual beans and water. Let me know what to tell her next week.

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  1. K,

    Is the answer, “Hide from the light to see the truth”? If so, she could use the torn sheet to cover the light if she can reach it. All the red letters in the note fill in the gaps.

  2. Hide from the light to see the truth

    Other than being under the table, I’m not sure where Whitney can go to do this

  3. “Hide from the light to see the truth”, the missing letters HIELGHT are the 7 red letters in the note. She needs to hide under something that blocks the bright florescent lights. There must be a clue that she can only see where the light does not touch.

  4. Agree it is Hide from the Light. Put ransom note or newspaper clippings under table to see if there is a glow in the dark message. May be the code for the box.

  5. The stickiness on the floor could be something written there. And since the message is “Hide from the light to see the truth”, try moving the table (if possible) to block the light over the sticky spot to see if any words or messages are revealed.

  6. The red letters from the random note are the missing letters -THLEHIG. “Hide from the light to see the truth” As the person above mentioned, she needs to hide under something to block the lights in the room. In the first ep when Whitney was describing the room she mentioned that the bench had a blanket on it. She needs to use that blanket to block out the lights. Not sure where exactly in the room she needs to hide under the blanket though.

  7. “Hide from the light to see the truth”

    She could attempt to turn off the lights, cover them in some way or throw something to break them

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