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  1. Here’s what I have so far


    10/08/90 – Born
    07/11/98 – Parents separated and she moved in with her father.
    11/03/98 – Trouble at school began.
    02/19/02 – Got into fight with teacher. Moved schools.
    04/25/07 – Bullied a girl into committing suicide. Was she even aware it happened?
    07/13/10 – Met would-be boyfriend, Paul Rhoades.
    XX/XX/11 – Crime spree increases?
    05/29/11 – Dropped out of college to begin career as entertainer.
    XX/XX/12- Timmy “The Hands” Rushman arrested
    XX/XX/12 – Lucchese family responsible for ____________??
    XX/XX/13 – Police lead finds Lucchese family guilty
    11/20/13 – Worked odd jobs while doing stand-up comedy at local clubs.
    03/14/14 – Started YouTube career by creating video bashing botched plastic surgery headlines.
    06/22/15 – Abandoned videos on other topics to focus solely on the Weirdo Prank Show.
    12/04/16 – Began YouTube as a full time job. Broke up with Paul Rhoades due to sudden influx of “fame.”
    08/04/17 – YouTube account is banned and all videos removed. No further attempts at a YouTube career.
    08/09/17 – Hailey Nashmur goes missing
    08/24/17 – Hailey Nashmur returned home, mom’s name given as Kristen Nashmur. 75K reward offered up, never taken
    08/27/17 – NYC bombing by unknown male
    01/13/18 – Began working as a bartender at nearby comedy club. Has not performed since.
    Whitney has a stepdad, was english teacher

    1. I think all the info from Whitney’s bio is not really relevant, because K specifically said to use the clues provided this week… Also, he wants us to explain why Whitney is in the room. I’m still puzzling

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