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Here’s the answer:

In 2011, a crime family went on a spree of unsolved murders, robberies and drug related activities. Their “godfather” had just passed away, and for a period of two years, they essentially became anarchists.

No one was able to pin it on them, mostly because the police were either already in their pocket, or they were too afraid to arrest anyone.

In 2013, a mother and child were killed during a home invasion gone wrong. After witnessing the tragedy, Timothy Rushman, aka Timmy “the hands” came forward willing to testify against his brothers.

Call it a spontaneous change of heart, call it the fear of a soon-to-be father living in a world where loved ones can be murdered in their homes for a few knick knacks to sell on the street.

Either way, Timmy turned himself in for the crime on the plea deal that he and his family be sent into witness protection. In 2013, he was about to take the stand when a threat against his wife interrupted the trial. Kristen Rushman was pregnant at the time, and was moved into witness protection immediately, before Timmy. She was safe, but he had no idea where she was.

A few days later, Timmy disappeared, whether it was from witsec or not, it didn’t matter.

Less than four years later, an aspiring comedian with a YouTube channel just happens to find an odd man, broke and homeless, standing outside of a school…

Whitney, you filmed the man’s face and posted it on the internet. That man was Timmy Rushman. He had tracked down his wife and daughter, and was planning on meeting them again.

At the time, he was simply trying to see his daughter from afar for the first time in his life.

A few days later, somehow, the crime family recognized his face. Maybe they never really let Timmy’s betrayal go. Either way, they found him from your video. They kidnapped his daughter, and then they forced him to rob the bank with a bomb strapped to his chest.

They had no intention of him ever making it out alive. He exploded in the bank and killed four others.

…And Hailey was released unharmed.


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