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  1. A possible connection between H&A: H is an alcoholic the clues above are obviously from a car accident. Maybe H was a drunk driver that Alex was either A. involved in or B. knew someone who was involved in the accident above? Still, don’t know the password though.

  2. A couple of the photos have numbers in the upper left corner, specifically G24 and 54, and these correspond to the string of numbers in the Restrictions box on Hammond’s license: G24883154. If Hammond’s vision restriction [B] meant that he is prohibited from driving after dark, maybe he was the cause of the MVA shown in the photos. Since Alexander is so angry and upset, and the narrator mentions it relates to Alexander’s life and reminds him of a time when he had something to lose. The photo also shows a casualty of the MVA [first photo] and a man with non-life threatening injuries [third photo], so perhaps it is Alexander whose car was hit, a spouse/girlfriend killed, and the Hammond was involved in, or caused, the MVA.

    1. Thats what I am thinking. Have you gotten the password yet for the protected content? I’ve tried everything I can think of. Do you think it has osmething to do with the numbers?

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