There are 5 Episodes per Season of Countdown. Episodes air on Wednesdays.

Episode 1 is the setup and introduction. In it, you’ll meet the characters and learn about the escape room. Pay close attention to the details described here.

After the episode, check this website or any of our social media pages for Clues. Clues can be articles, videos, images and cryptic text. Each clue will be under the Clues section of this website.

Now what?

If you discover a clue, want to ask the character a question, or have a suggestion for the character to try, do any of the following:

  1. Tag us on Facebook or Twitter with your clue/question/suggestion.
  2. Comment on the Clue page, or the episode page.
  3. Leave your comment on the iTunes store as a review.

Find clues quickly, because each episode is written on the Monday before it airs. What you find (or don’t find) influences the story.

How does it work?

We have a basic idea of each episode and know how it can go. Let’s use an example: Whitney is chained to the floor in Episode 1. The chain has a passcode on it. If you and your fellow listeners can figure out the code before Episode 2, she can unlock the cuffs in the next episode. If not… She may be stuck.

Can I still play if I join late?

Absolutely! All Clues will remain on the website, and you are encouraged to try to find the answer yourself (just don’t look at the comments unless you’re stuck!) Once you find that answer, move onto the next episode. If you’re stuck, you can also move on to see what happens.

Can I listen without playing?

Of course. The podcast is a self-contained mystery. You won’t miss out on anything by just listening, except for the tons of fun we’re all going to have without you!

So start playing now. Or listening. Whichever you prefer.