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Alexander and Hammond found a flyer and a cell phone under the bed. Use the flyer below for a link to the locked folder’s password.

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  1. There is a QR code in the bottom right of the poster. It links to another page on this site and lists the password as “MURDERER”. It also includes the IDs of both victims along with some basic info

  2. Hello first time doing this but I found the Second answer which is PASSWORD: MURDERER i think K wanted me to find a third answer, I can’t rack my head but my guess would be GUEST

  3. All the phone numbers are real numbers, all but the “psychic” one went to real businesses, so I think those aren’t relevant. Reading the QR code brought up a page of each of the men’s driver’s licenses, and also that the password is “MURDERER”. Good luck, Alexander and Hammond!

  4. Of note is that Hammond is blood type O, the Universal donor, and Alexander is blood type AB, the universal receiver, so at some point, Hammond will have to give blood to Alexander to save his life. Why else include this info?

  5. Hammond is listed as unemployed and there is a restriction on his driver’s licence. Since he is unemployed, he may have lost his job because he lost his licence. The Day 4 episode reveals that he is an alcoholic, so until I uncover anything else, I am going with the idea that the restriction may be a result of habitual use of alcohol or driving under the influence.
    I have tried the password MURDERER but it isn’t opening the next part.

  6. Addendum: Restriction B is for corrective lenses. Also, the map shows the state and city of Hammond: Columbus, Ohio

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