One of these things is not like the other.
But what could it be used for?


About the subject:
Whitney Wurd
Birth Date: 08/10/90

07/11/98 – Parents separated and she moved in with her father.
11/03/98 – Trouble at school began.
02/19/02 – Got into fight with teacher. Moved schools.
04/25/07 – Bullied a girl into committing suicide. Was she even aware it happened?
07/13/10 – Met would-be boyfriend, Paul Rhoades.
05/29/11 – Dropped out of college to begin career as entertainer.
11/20/13 – Worked odd jobs while doing stand-up comedy at local clubs.
03/14/14 – Started YouTube career by creating video bashing botch plastic surgery headlines.
06/22/15 – Abandoned videos on other topics to focus solely on the Weirdo Prank Show.
12/04/16 – Began YouTube as a full time job. Broke up with Paul Rhoades due to sudden influx of “fame.”
08/04/17 – YouTube account is banned and all videos removed. No further attempts at a YouTube career.
01/13/18 – Began working as a bartender at nearby comedy club. Has not performed since.

The last YouTube video

Welcome to another episode of the Weirdo Prank Show with Whitney Weird – Each week, Whitney finds a stranger on the internet to harass and make fun of. This week, an anonymous man was her lucky target. Her video series began on 03/14/14 and ran until 08/04/17 when this final video was removed, and her entire YouTube account was banned. This video was recovered on 09/17/19. Something does not belong.

A layout of the “White Room”

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    1. I retract this question. I missed it in the audio.

      Please ask Whitney to use 080417 as the passcode for the combo lock on the chain

  1. I haven’t seen much discussion on Twitter/FB yet so I’ll post here.

    Suggestions for possible code- 183521 042507

    Does Whitney know about the suicide? Was she really to blame?

    What happened in that last video? Every school parking lot I have ever seen is always packed, so school was not in session.

    She could make a new YouTube account. Has she given up?
    What was her original goal? To be famous? Is it just about the attention?

  2. “One of these things is not like the other” makes the mismatched shoes from the video stand out. Maybe Whitney’s shoes, if she has any, contain something?

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