Hurry, dude.

One thing
can be

What’s the code for the 7-digit locked box? And why…?

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  1. Hurry, dude -> Rush man. 18 21 19 8 13 1 14
    I wonder why the “tw” is underlined in “two,” but I can’t come up with a reason yet..

  2. So, referring back to last week’s article about Hailey Nashmur…one clue could be two. Hailey was kidnapped between 3 and 6, she was age 7 on 8/9/17. I suggest the combination 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

  3. I can only think of one word that nashmur can be unscramble to, shurman. Then your at 19-8-21-18-13-1-14. But that is too simple and doesnt account for Ks hint or the newspaper articles…. so I’m not sure where to go next

  4. 13 8 1 18 19 14 21
    From the positions of the letters of NASHMUR in the last two paper clippings, because both have been found guilty.

  5. “Nashmur” can be anagrammed into “Rush, man” ie “Hurry, dude”.
    R U S H M A N
    18 21 19 8 1 14

    Don’t know what to make of the “one thing can be two” message. Maybe replace all the 1s in the code with 2s and try that combination. The smudge marks next to the letters “c” and “tw” have to mean something though I don’t know what :/

  6. So the NASHMUR code is simple enuff:
    But the other clue, “One thing can be two” hasn’t been addressed, yet.

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